JYI DAR will continue to provide the professional and value-added services to meet all your needs.”


JYI DAR Hardware Supplier Inc. (JDHSI), Founded in Canada in 1999. JDHSI has focus on North America market and specialized in Investment Casting with proven achievement for many years in this industry.

JYI DAR is a vertical and horizontal integration that comprises manufacturers in other fields besides investment casting. JYI DAR is capable of consolidating various purchase orders and provide Total Manufacturing and Time to Volume. Moreover, product quality is controlled under the same QA & QC standards. Therefore, our customers can save their effort of seeking vendors and avoid quality inconsistency problem from different quality standards adopted by several different vendors.

Due to its growing market needs, In 2004, JYI DAR founded in Philippines office to have a lower cost for our customers of goods. This is true & a win-win solution for both parties.

JYI DAR will continue to provide the professional and value-added services to meet all your needs.”


Will make certain that our customer will receive intact and organize service in every business transactions. Dedicated to their needs and growth with a commitment to provide high quality products.

In fulfillment of our company mission, we shall pursue the following objectives:


We assured that our client satisfaction is our major concern because we value what you think will be the best for you and your company. In the unlikely event one of our product is giving cause for disappointment in your behalf we will replace it at our cost. However we requires that we acknowledge and agree to any intended return, in advance. Or, for any reason, you are dissatisfied, we advise you to contact us immediately so we can immediately attend to your needs in a timely manner.


To become the most leading company worldwide. Receiving inevitable recognition within the business perimeter through the incessant motivation of providing the high quality products and continuous innovation with the company top resources.